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More space, more art!


Schönfeld Gallery has expanded! In the heart of one of the most vibrant areas of Brussels, the gallery opened a third space. The entire ground floor of a beautifully renovated mansion in
Saint-Gilles will be assigned to Schönfeld C. This additional space allows for the gallery to exhibit more of its permanent artists, and hence gives its visitors an opportunity to explore their work more extensively. Solo exhibitions, performances and interdisciplinary collaborations are on display.


The launch of the brand-new gallery space will be kicked off by one of Schönfeld’s fixed values, Albert Pepermans. Running up to his 75th birthday next year, Pepermans treats you to a full year of his art. A wide arsenal of his varied oeuvre stretching over more than 40 years will be represented, whether or not in dialogue with work of other artists. The stately walls of Schönfeld C provide a perfect fit for this kind of artistic dialogue as well as for Pepermans’ - often larger - pieces. Every four weeks, the set-up of the exhibition will be modified according to a specific aspect, theme or feature. 


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