Current Exhibition

06.05 - 06.06.2021

Portraits of artists and

ordinary people

Albert Pepermans

During his entire career, Pepermans has regularly reached back to portraits. While he rarely painted his own face, other known and unknown people - such as Andy Warhol wearing several wigs or David Bowie – do shine on his canvas. Remarkable is the series least wanted, for which Pepermans drew inspiration from the eponymous book. Photographs of numerous American outlaws and bandits dating back to the early forties grabbed Pepermans’ attention, resulting into a series of large and small portraits. 


Just as inspiring for the artist was an exhibition he visited ten years ago at le Musée D’art Moderne Paris, named Deadline. This portrait exhibition was dedicated to known artists from all over the world who shared a painful awareness of the proximity of their death. The youthfulness of some of these artists, like Absalon, deeply touched Pepermans, who decided to portray some of the unfortunates, such as Martin Kippenberger and Jörg Immendorf. While a certain sadness lurks behind the inspirational background of aforementioned series, like in most of his work, color and life thrive in Pepermans’ portraits.

Past Exhibitions 

01.04 - 30.04.2021

Albert Pepermans
meets Les Hommes Sauvages

Albert Pepermans

 End of April, we celebrate the release of Les Hommes Sauvages' new LP Anthology for which a selection of work was made. The artist and the musician share a love for the city and its urban rhythm, for expressive images and for art that challenges and transcends conventional boundaries. Pepermans contributed more than the

cover art for the three LPs that comprise the Les Hommes Sauvages anthology; original artworks accompany the limited edition of 25 anthology boxsets. Each of these works depicts a vinyl record, an homage to Albert’s lust for a rock ‘n’ roll life..